Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee that I reach page one for my keywords?

We are the only Amazon launching service that fully guarantees first page ranking results for your main keyword, or your credits back. To qualify for our guarantee:

  • Your launch must be approved by one of our specialists prior to campaign start
  • You must only use one keyword and it must be in your product title
  • Main keyword must be in your product title
  • The product must be indexed for the main keyword
  • First page consists of the top 20 spots, excluding sponsored ads
  • You must wait 20 days after the final day of the launch to initiate a credits refund. If at any time within those 20 days the main keyword reaches the top 20 spots, the guarantee has been satisfied
  • If the refund is approved by our team, full credits will be reversed and deposited back to your account within 2 weeks

Who do my products go to?

Your products are delivered to our vetted network of Amazon buyers. We have a very strict policy in our network acceptance, where we check for previous buying/review history. Our network is as “high-quality” as they come and free of any review/deal/coupon club members.

Will I get reviews from the launch?

Yes. If your listing organically gets around a 5% review rate (out of 100 units sold, you get 5 reviews), you can expect the same from our network. If you give away 100 units, you can expect approximately 5 verified reviews as well. Please note that we do not ask our buyers to leave reviews, since we always stay within the boundaries of Amazon’s policies.

Do you get customers to search for my product with my keyword or you send them a URL?

We use Keyword Targeted URLs for our launches. This method makes for much more impactful product launches and ultimately improves your bottom line. Using this method allows your product to rank higher, faster and more intentional for your main keywords.

I would like to speak to someone. How can I do that?

The best way to contact one of our Amazon experts is through the “live chat” icon at the bottom right corner of our website!

How do you calculate the needed amount of giveaways per day for my keywords?

We use a combination of sales data, keyword search volume and competition to calculate the number of needed giveaways per day to rank for a particular keyword. This is not an exact method, it is an approximation, but it works well in most cases. No-one knows exactly how Amazon’s search algorithm works except for Amazon themselves.

What is your billing model?

We operate on a per unit basis, and you are free to give away as many products you want. The more units you giveaway, the lower your cost will be per unit.

I have to pay for credits and products costs separately?

There are just two fees that will need to be paid, the per unit fee and the associated product costs since we do not operate with discounts/coupons.

For example, a 100-unit launch for a $9.99 product will cost $129 ($1.29/unit) + $999 in product cost reimbursement.

Note that since you are the seller of the product on Amazon, the majority of the product cost reimbursement will go back to your bank account as profit anyway, minus Amazon’s standard seller fees.

When does my campaign start?

You specify the campaign start date, and we will set up a personalized launch to your specifications.

Will my Amazon account be safe if I use your launching service?

Totally! Launching through giveaways have always been around and as long as you are not soliciting for reviews, they are 100% amazon compliant! The only difference with us is that we do not give discounts on our giveaways, so if anything, our launching service is SAFER than any other launching platforms.

What is my best keyword?

The most popular and/or the most relevant keywords are not always your best keywords. Usually, the most popular keywords are also the most competitive ones, which means you will have to spend more money to compete. Sometimes it is wiser to rank for less competitive keywords if your budget is limited. Feel free to talk to our specialists to determine the best keywords for your launch.

Do I have to worry about potential hijackers in your network that resell our product on Amazon?

There is no foolproof way where we can guarantee 0% hijackers, as we do not control what our buyers do with the products they purchase. However, because we want to be the absolute best launch service in the industry, we are offering our own version of a “No Hijacker Guarantee” by purchasing the inventory from your hijackers from our own pocket, up to 6 months from campaign conclusion. Maximum of 1 unit per hijacker, for up to 20 total hijackers.